How Can I Design A Label For My Product?


Before you start your business it is important that you understand your competitors and study other business in the markets. You will find that products from numerous brands are booming towards success whereas products from other brands are just loosing the touch and is incurring losses after loss. Many factors will be visible for a product not trending in the market anymore.

However, one thing that a startup owner should always remember is that if the product label is not attractive enough for the customers to hold it even, then those particular new products will never last in the marketplace. Hence, product label design should be one of the top priorities for a product to be successful in the market. This also the very reason why you should learn to design your very own product label and also should learn how to make bumper sticker online.

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Designing A Product Label:

No matter how much you promote a product through advertisements, the consumers can easily change their decisions. This is because the looks of the product, that is, the label may not be convincing enough. You will also think about label design from the consumers point of view and try defining the label as clearly as possible. For that you will want to hire the professional graphic designer to design the label of the products. The drawback is that it will take away too much expenses.

As a shortcut, you can either learn some basic graphic designing and design the product label by yourself or you can instruct the designer clearly the design or how you want the label to look before the customers. These are nothing hard and for that you need to understand the steps to design your own product label. It will be cheaper and the cost of marketing will also reduce.

  1. Market Research: Before starting anything important, it is wise to study or research a bit regarding the objectives. Same goes for designing a product label as well. Try to note down the range of customers you are providing your service to. No down their age, gender and how much they are preferring the competitors product. What type of design do they prefer, the color they like, these are all the things you should research before starting.
  2. Label Sizes: It is the most important point in case of labeling. You will want to check your products packaging first like its height and shape. If you are trying to put in essential information then amount of spacings should be checked as well.
  3. Label Material: You need to be careful in picking the material of the label. You can either print the label directly in the container or can choose a paper or plastic label for the product.
  4. Give A Twist: Designing a label is common but showcasing the texture is different. If the material of the label of an aromatic candle is of matte material then it will also give the customers some vintage vibe.

Moreover ensure that the template the design company is providing matches the packaging material, because if anything does not match then the product is going to be a disaster.


Product label is a trend nowadays because it helps gain customers within a short period of time with less costs incurred. Hence, it is important to pay attention to the look of the products and its labels as it works as the finishing touch.


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